AIS is not a market maker and for the most part we don’t build the products we use.  Therefore, we must use the technologies and products of others.  However, we hold firm to our unwavering desire to maintain an un-biased consultative position to serve our clients best.   For example, we choose to leverage SharePoint as a building block for custom document and record laden, human workflow applications.  But we choose not to partner with firms offering products supporting SharePoint to offer those functions.  We have used many third-party products over the years but we hold them all at arms- length.  We evaluate the needs of each project and propose solutions specific to those requirements. Up until recently, we have only had two close technology partners, IBM and Microsoft.  In each case, we saw the advantage of maintaining a close working relationship to be in our best interest and that of our clients.  We recently also became an Amazon partner for much the same reason.  In each case, we saw their technology as innovative and a strategic platform that we could leverage for the long term.

Today our platform partners see AIS as an extension of their reach and each offers a slightly different value to AIS and our clients.  We leverage IBM as part of our legacy modernization efforts, Amazon as a strong alternative for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Microsoft as the primary application platform of choice.  We have the closest relationship with Microsoft by virtue of our mutually advantageous business models.  Microsoft primarily relies on their best partners to conduct the client dialog as well as all aspects of solution delivery from initial envisioning to delivery.  Microsoft also relies heavily on their best partners for input during the entire product life-cycle.  AIS is among this small number of “Trusted Partners” by virtue of our outstanding track record and deep level of investment.

AIS and Microsoft (PDF)