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Success Stories:Machine learning technology breaks through the news cycle noise

The Challenge

A federal agency needed to deliver relevant, continuously updated news and related content to offices and teams around the world. If that wasn’t difficult enough, each team wanted a personalized news flow, relevant to their region, mission, and preferences.

The Solution

AIS built a resilient, cost-effective solution using machine learning technology and services provided by Microsoft Azure. With Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, this “Intelligent News Aggregator” can execute large-scale data ingestion and automatically discover meaning, generate high-level topics, classify articles based on topic, and rank by relevance. It then tailors the content for each user and adapts on-the-fly to changing interests and preferences.

The Results

An intelligent, machine-curated 24/7 delivery of relevant news and significant data—personalized for users and teams around the globe—powered by Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services.
A solution with a brain:

Data needed to be consumed from a diverse set of public news sources and then combined and presented to users in a single location. AIS built a news aggregator that can execute large-scale data ingestion and then “read” that data, then classifies, categorizes and rank each article by relevance.

Tailored content:

Instead of simply dumping the most up-to-date content for users to sift through, the content is tailored and customized for the individual user and/or team. For the best experience, the content adapts to users’ changing interests over time to always highlight the most relevant information. It does this by effectively matching a user’s preferences and metadata (e.g., location) to the evolving topics in the most recent data ingestion, and present this functionality in a standard, consumable format.

Remarkably robust, deceptively lightweight:

To address each of these needs and create a resilient, cost-effective solution, AIS chose to utilize a combination of services offered by Microsoft Azure, with Azure Machine Learning playing a prominent role in the underlying engine. The solution is delivered as a set of lightweight web services that clients simply call through the secure gateway, so multiple client applications can now integrate with the Intelligent News Aggregator.