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App Modernization & Cloud-Native Development

We understand what it takes to be a mature, cloud-first enterprise – it’s our specialty. We work with large, complex organizations to make their modernization dreams a reality. No matter your current state and transformation goals, partner with us to realize the full benefits of a modern cloud.

  • Appraise Your Application Inventory – Identify opportunities to eliminate costs, reduce technical debt, and transform applications in the cloud. We’ll assess each application to understand how to modernize based on business goals.
  • Plan and Execute a Migration Strategy – Reduce technical debt and shift dollars from maintenance to innovation, improving agility and time to market for legacy apps. Whether it’s hybrid, multi-cloud, containerization, IaaS, PaaS, or SaSS, we’ll partner with you to align your business goals and long-term vision with the best plan for migration.
  • Build New Cloud-Native Solutions– Increase your organization’s competitive edge in the market through cloud-native applications that tap into emerging technologies, like AI and ML.

Let AIS Guide You Through Modern Cloud Transformation

Our App Modernization Process

Every modernization effort is unique. We help clients navigate the journey by understanding their current application landscape and outlining a strategy that aligns to long-term business goals. Here's what a typical modernization process looks like.

  1. 1
    Education & Design

    Modern technology training and design sessions

  2. 2
    Requirements Gathering

    Requirements review and target architecture specification

  3. 3

    Replatform, rebuild, refactor, retire, or replace legacy applications

  4. 4

    CI/CD setup and build

  5. 5

    Ongoing application portfolio review

Successfully Leading the Enterprise to a Modern Cloud

We’re committed to our clients’ ability to modernize and scale. From early investment in key areas of cloud transformation, we pass on lessons learned and best practices to our clients and partners in the enterprise.


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