Business Process Reengineering

Since our corporate focus is on developing custom applications using leading-edge technology, we evaluate business processes from a business domain independent viewpoint, and concentrate on working with our client to combine their domain expertise with our technology expertise to realize a solution that best fits their business improvement goals.   

While we have experience in building solutions for many different industry verticals and federal/state/local government agencies, we believe that the client knows their business best and our value is helping them understand how to apply technology to innovate and transform their business. 

Our Approach

Our approach includes business process modeling (BPM) using the client’s BPM tools of choice to define and manage their process portfolio and applying techniques such as value stream mapping and activity-based costing.  This effort will define the specific changes needed for existing processes to streamline and transform them into the envisioned new way of working. 

Through our participation in key Microsoft Partner Advisory groups, AIS has early access to and understanding of key innovations in workflow automation, systems integration and data management.