Cloud Services

Harness the power of the cloud to transform your business

Cloud computing is the most important IT innovation since the laptop computer. Organizations of all sizes are discovering the power of the cloud to reduce computing costs, increase agility and innovation, and improve data security. AIS has helped hundreds of organizations migrate to Commercial and Government Clouds-Azure, AWS, Office 365, and Dynamics 365-and we can quickly put the cloud to work for you.

What are the benefits of cloud?

  • Instant modernization. When you move applications into the cloud, you gain instant access to the latest servers, storage, operating systems, and business software. No more painful and expensive upgrade cycles; your IT infrastructure stays up-to-date with no effort on your part.
  • Greater innovation. Running your servers and software in the cloud accelerates innovation, because business teams don't have to wait for IT to provision needed resources; they're instantly available in the cloud, often shaving weeks or months off projects.
  • Faster delivery of products, services, everything. Because IT resources are instantly available, organizations tend to see every IT-connected business activity speed up-delivery of new products, delivery of customer service, manufacturing, you name it.
  • Cost-effective. Cloud computing offers consumption-based pricing, which means you only pay for resources used. No more overprovisioning for worst-case scenarios and paying for servers that sit idle. Also, by using the cloud, you move IT from a capital to an operational expense, which often makes it easier to budget.
  • More strategic IT spend. Instead of hiring IT staff to support basic infrastructure and provision and monitor servers, you can hire more strategic technology talent, people who can help your company use technology for innovation and differentiation.
  • Improved reliability. Public cloud providers offer geographical redundancy, disaster protection, and guaranteed service-level agreements, so your applications are much more reliable than if they were running in your own datacenter.
  • Improved security. Security used to be one of the biggest worries about cloud computing, but today it's one of the biggest assets. The largest public cloud platforms (Microsoft & Amazon) are pumping billions of dollars a year into keeping their Clouds secure; very few organizations can match that level of investment.
  • Better mobile access. Work happens everywhere today, and cloud-based applications are easier for employees to access than on-premises applications.
  • Smaller environmental impact. By running your IT infrastructure in an incredibly efficient third-party datacenter, you lessen your company's environmental footprint.

AIS cloud credentials

AIS has been cutting our teeth with public cloud infrastructure since 2008 through our partnerships with Microsoft and AWS. Case in point, AIS was in on the ground floor of Azure (while it was still called by its codename red dog). Given our deep and matchless Azure technical expertise; often Microsoft turns to us to build Azure reference architectures and blueprints for migrating complex application environments into Azure. And we've created a proven Cloud Adoption Framework that provides step-by-step guidance and best practices in moving to the cloud.

As a company built on a foundation of application and software development capabilities, AIS is uniquely qualified to take our customers through all phases of cloud maturity, from quick "lifting and shifting" of existing applications into cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) to refactoring applications to take advantage of native cloud platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) capabilities.

We have helped scores of complex commercial enterprises and government organizations migrate to Azure, AWS, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. We will spend the time to understand your business needs and workload requirements and then outline a meticulous cloud plan that meets your scalability, governance, security, and budget needs.

Take your first-or next-step into the cloud today

If you are new to the cloud and want to learn more, contact us today to schedule time with one of our cloud specialists to talk though your challenges and goals.

If you're already in the cloud but want to go further, we can help there, too. Are you currently using Office 365 and want to also move back-end applications into Azure? Need to get cloud sprawl under control? Desperate for cost-effective, secure ways to mobile-enable employees?

Yes, yes, and you bet. AIS can help with all these issues and more. Fill out a contact form online or give us a call at 703.860.7800.