DevOps Services & Continuous Delivery

AIS’ DevOps consulting services are designed to guide organizations to a model of continuous delivery. This approach allows our customers to get software into their users’ hands more frequently and reliably by fully automating their applications’ deployment pipelines. While continuous delivery is the organizing concept around our DevOps services, it is not an end state.

Our goal is to equip our customers with the technical skills, battle-tested processes, and tools needed to embrace nonstop delivery improvement. In the end, our customers are able to measure this improvement in two specific ways: reduced cycle time (time to reach the customer) and improved product quality.

AIS’ DevOps service offerings follow the guiding principles of continuous delivery, including:

  • The Deployment Pipeline: The automated implementation of build, test, deploy, and release, and release management activities. If a process can’t be automated, it should be a candidate for replacement.
  • Frequent, Small-Batch Delivery: Limited scope and frequent releases keep the impact of bugs as small as possible, minimize delays in receiving feedback, and in our experience, help team members sustain higher levels of motivation.
  • Measurable Goals: Cycle time, product quality metrics—whatever is most valuable to your organization, the goals of any process improvement effort should be quantifiable.
  • Cloud Whenever Possible: Cloud technologies have moved beyond traditional virtualization technologies in terms of what can be automated and the breadth of supporting services available to help. For a number of years, AIS has been delivering cloud-based solutions, including DevOps process improvement for our largest customers. Wherever possible, we leverage those experiences into our service offerings.

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Our DevOps Service Line

Delivery Process Assessment

This is a detailed evaluation of an application’s current deployment processes and readiness to adopt continuous delivery. This assessment will include a candidate deployment pipeline, along with detailed steps for getting started.

Careful attention will be paid to existing tools, processes, and culture to minimize the potential friction caused by embracing DevOps and continuous delivery.

Integration Strategy Design and Implementation

These services address the build portion of an application’s deployment pipeline. AIS consultants will work with your team to design and implement your continuous integration strategy, including tools and processes for compilation, unit testing, code analysis, automated feedback, and orchestration of these processes.

Our DevOps Services Continuous Delivery CycleEnvironment Design and Build

AIS consultants will design and implement an approach to building out your application’s underlying infrastructure, including network components, server infrastructure, and supporting cloud services for internal (dev, test, integration, etc.) and production environments.

Automation of these processes is a top priority, and cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, will be used whenever possible for maximum agility. In addition to the underlying infrastructure, an engagement will include application deployment, smoke test implementation, and integration with any monitoring solution. When complete, your team will be empowered to continue automating and improving this deployment phase.

Automated Acceptance Testing

Automated testing is a crucial component of rapid application delivery, and AIS consultants will help your team implement an automated acceptance test strategy.

This strategy will vary per application need, but normal components include functional/UI testing, capacity and performance testing, and security testing. Additionally, monitoring data from test environments would normally be incorporated in the acceptance test strategy.

Production Monitoring

Our consultants will draw on years of experience operating enterprise-grade production environments and use best practices to build a monitoring plan for your production applications. Your specific application needs may vary, but an engagement will typically include environment performance and error monitoring, application usage monitoring, and environment configuration monitoring as baseline capabilities.

AIS consultants will work with your existing tools, but they are also ready to arm your team with the industry’s latest and leading production monitoring tools.

Release Management

Our release management services orchestrate the various components of your application’s deployment pipeline. One-click environment deployments, central application service catalogs, and consolidated environment data presentation (configuration and monitoring data) are features typically associated with this offering.

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