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AIS provides the insurance industry with solutions that drive customer acquisition and retention for organic growth, attract new generations of customers and employees through social media and mobile channels, gain greater insight into financial risks and business performance, and modernize core systems to improve IT cost ratios.

Core Systems Modernization

Many insurance carriers want to modernize their core systems to both lower IT cost ratios and upgrade to configurable, more flexible systems.  By lowering IT cost ratios and using more modern systems, carriers can free up their IT budgets and support new business initiatives, such as social media strategies or mobile initiatives for agents and brokers. With more configurable systems, carriers can speed their new product development, and better support agents, brokers, call centers and the online portal with more agile technology and services. Cost-effective, modern systems are critical in developing markets as well, as they can support a high volume of low-cost insurance policies. 

AIS and Microsoft can provide insurance carriers with a mission-critical platform, at a low TCO, to improve expense ratios, return on assets, and provide the flexible foundation needed for business model transformation.

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Sales & Service for Organic Growth & Retention 

Insurance carriers in mature markets are finding it difficult to attract new business and must focus on improving service levels to keep their customers loyal and from moving to the competition. Reliable performance management tools can help them concentrate on the most efficient channels, the most productive agents or brokers, and the most profitable insurance products and customers. By improving sales performance and service levels, carriers can improve customer retention and their ability to upsell new products to their existing customer base.

Microsoft products and technologies, combined with AIS-developed solutions, can help insurance carriers and brokers improve their service levels to customers and the sales performance of their producers. This can lead to organic growth in tough market conditions.

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Social & Mobile Channels

Insurance carriers and brokers need to maximize the use of social media and mobile devices, both internally and externally, to reach a new generation of customers and support the next generation of employees. Internal social media can greatly improve collaboration and support customer service, while leveraging external social media channels can help carriers reach new customers and protect their brand. Effective management of a wide range of mobile devices will improve both the capability to sell and serve customers with enterprise-quality security and management across any device, and to satisfy customer and employee demands for improved mobile capabilities.

AIS can help insurance carriers in developing new business models, profit streams and customer experiences by enabling them to be present in the lives of their customers (and employees) at any time, any place, across any channel or device.

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Risk Management & Business Insight

Insurance carriers face information overload and data sprawl in their day-to-day operations. Disparate applications and legacy systems, delays in information delivery, and error-prone manual processes impede carriers from gaining a full, holistic view of the business, its risk exposure, and its customers. A more comprehensive approach to risk management and analytics improves the accuracy and integrity of the insight carriers can have into their risks and business performance.  Insurance carriers, brokers and reinsurers need more modern and capable business intelligence and risk insight systems, including actuarial solutions, systems for predictive analytics, and full enterprise risk management platforms. 

AIS supports insurance carriers with mission critical solutions to deliver breakthrough insight into business performance and profitability, improve loss ratios, and provide an integrated view of enterprise-wide risk exposure.

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