Managed IT Services

IT functionality for forward-looking firms needs to be quick and easy, with repeatable and well-understood procedures. This allows consumers of IT hardware, services, and software to dedicate more resources to the business domain instead of maintaining operational systems.

Many IT organizations find that everyday maintenance and operations divert resources from more attractive areas of investment. It’s why many firms are turning to IT managed services providers to free them of these tedious tasks.

Understanding the organizational and procedural changes required to provide services for an ever-evolving set of technologies and requirements—in addition to the technical skill sets needed to implement those changes—often makes the prospect of low-cost, nimble, in-house IT services seem like an impossible challenge.

At AIS, we understand your organization faces unique challenges. With our managed services, you’ll get full-service IT solutions that remove the hassles associated with managing your IT operations. Read on to see how AIS can deliver value to your team while meeting deadlines and exceeding goals.

Ready to free yourself of tedious IT tasks? Contact AIS and see AIS is one of the most trusted IT managed services providers for businesses and government agencies in the U.S.

AIS Managed Service Line

AIS’ managed services were created to help IT organizations meet increasing expectations with a single point of contact while lowering up-front and ongoing costs. AIS provides managed services offerings for many landscapes, including:

  • Public, private, and government cloud
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • On-premises physical or virtualized environments
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Managed Cloud Services

AIS managed services offerings answer several key questions crucial to providing the level of service expected by both our customers and everyone our customers serve. In doing so, AIS managed services offerings will eliminate the costly errors that organizations often make.

  • What kinds of service level requirements should I have?
  • What kinds of operational processes do I require?
  • What technical capabilities are needed?
  • How do I deliver these services?

Our managed IT services provide IT organizations with turnkey, full-service IT solutions, ITIL-based operations leveraging global resources from leading industry experts. You can leverage the latest technology and focus on your business without having to worry about managing hardware or maintaining your operational systems. Let AIS remove the burden of IT management so you can focus your resources on exceeding customer expectations.

Managed IT Help Desk

Users expect help in many ways depending on the environment they are operating within. AIS can establish and operate help desk plans, including full service staffing and managed services to ensure this critical element of IT is covered. Our range of offerings include VIP support, desk-side support, email, phone or live chat support.

Standards & Compliance

AIS currently maintains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certifications. ISO 9001 is a set of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. ISO 27001 is an International Standard providing a model for establishing, operating, monitoring, and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates AIS complies with and enforces information security processes.

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