IT Strategy Consulting and Planning

Our IT strategy consulting services include helping clients analyze their existing IT applications portfolio, systems architecture, information architecture, and systems infrastructure.   

At AIS, we help our clients analyze their existing IT applications portfolio, systems architecture, information architecture, and systems infrastructure in order to maximize the investments they’ve already made. If a new solution is required, we also provide consulting services to analyze system requirements, and develop solid evaluation criteria and approaches for assessing and improving candidate solution approaches.

With our deep expertise in the Microsoft application platform and technologies, we can assist clients in making informed decisions around “build vs. buy” approaches to implementing systems using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) based solutions or custom application development solutions.

Whether it’s a new application development project or legacy system modernization effort, our team IT strategy consultants can get it done.

AIS has extensive experience in advising both commercial and government clients on how to leverage existing IT investments and take advantage of the latest capabilities of the Microsoft and Amazon platforms. Our expertise in Agile software development methods enable us to quickly develop working prototypes that assess the viability of specific technologies and/or architectural approaches.

Our Approach

Our services in this area include conducting application and systems infrastructure assessments and developing systems models that provide visual representations of the client’s existing production environment and how the IT systems are deployed and interact with each other. Using these models as a baseline, we can then perform targeted, deeper analyses to identify opportunities for application and platform consolidation, or modernization to optimize the organization’s IT infrastructure capacity and eliminate any redundant business functionality across applications. We also work with clients to identify opportunities to introduce new Microsoft offerings that may improve the operation of their IT systems and lower their costs for ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

Through our extensive experience in building applications for the cloud and mobile platforms, we can help our clients evaluate multiple approaches for adopting cloud-based solutions: private, public or hybrid. We can also provide guidance in building mobile web vs. mobile device hosted applications.

Thanks to our participation in key Microsoft Partner Advisory groups, AIS has early access to and understanding of key innovations in workflow automation, systems integration and data management.