Operations and Support

Operations – the lifeblood of any IT organization.  Too often, operations and support are an after-thought when building IT systems.  However, without an effective, well planned, and well executed operational management plan, all IT systems will fail.  

Our Approach

AIS has over 30 years of providing operational support services for various IT systems, at all levels of the IT stack, including physical cabling, network engineering, server administration, call center service desks, desk-side support, and application support.  This experience allows us to approach all projects with a fundamental understanding of what is required to support, maintain, and operate any service or solution that we develop.  Our emphasis on building the operational framework for an IT service or system from the very inception of the project results in a robust system capable of meeting the requirements.

AIS Value

Our approach to operations and support is grounded in industry best practices.  We have adapted elements of the PMI and ITIL Frameworks to create operational plans that span a wide variety of services.  By using these best practices, AIS ensures that our customers are able to continue to operate and maintain our systems and services.  When we are asked to provide services ourselves, we do so with a full understanding of the sense of responsibility inherent in operations.  

Whether it is providing a comprehensive service desk for a critical element of the Department of Defense, serving US Military, career civilians, and political appointees, or providing application service desk support for mission critical systems at the FBI, our approach and commitment to success is the same.  This high commitment to success has resulted in numerous awards and commendations, as well as the highest vote of confidence our clients can provide – repeat business, including over 26 continuous years serving the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.