State / Local

AIS has extensive domain experience in State government, including the areas of health and human services, criminal justice, transportation and financial. We possess a deep understanding of HIPAA, FISMA and other regulations regarding safeguarding data and information at rest, in motion, and on portable devices.   Our state practice has proven abilities and skills across a wide range of technologies and allows us to bring the appropriate resources to focus on your specific problem.

Our Approach 

We are solution-and project-focused to tackle the business/program area problem or challenge head on. We are innovators with deep software engineering expertise that enables us to solve complex problems as well as creatively leverage technology in ways that other firms are not capable of.  Our entire team has a deep technical understanding of the capabilities and limitations of technologies, so we never overpromise.

AIS offers the full range of services to our clients, including engineering (design, migration, performance analysis), operations and support, architecture (information architecture, farm architecture, governance), user experience (web content management, mobile enablement, user experience design and creation), envisioning and planning, and implementation. 

  • Our solutions for state and local governments include:
  • Organization and Information Technology Assessments
  • Mobility Solutions for field and mobile staff
    • Tablets
    • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Document and Records Management
  • Business Intelligence (data warehouse)
  • Provide on-premise and hosted solutions.
  • Project/Case Management
  • Extranets
  • Intranets
  • Internet

We partner with you in a collaborative, disciplined environment that is committed to quality, budget and on-time delivery. Our goal is to leverage our enterprise class scalability, performance and fault tolerance experience to meet your agency’s technology needs.