AIS CloudCap

AIS CloudCap is a value-add service that enables your workforce to fully explore Azure-based technologies in a budget-conscious way. Take innovation to the next level by unlocking the power of CloudCap.


Chicago Evidence Management System Demonstration

The Chicago Evidence Management System is a video management and sharing application that provides a secured system for accessing and viewing video files captured from law enforcement cameras located at many different locations around the city.



The AIS TIPS application gives law enforcement agencies the ability to rapidly stand up sites to support significant events and allow information be provided from citizens video pictures, video, audio, text information, or other information that citizens could submit. The usage spans a wide range of needs, including terrorist events (potential leads and evidence) or emergency management (natural disasters or other significant events that require a temporary, rapid stand up of a site).


AIS Service Catalog

AIS Service Catalog application manages the full lifecycle of your Enterprise’s Azure Resources.


Media Center App for SharePoint 2013

Media Center is a SharePoint app built by AIS that is designed to allow you to integrate your Windows Azure Media Services (WAMS) assets within SharePoint. Any digital asset stored in the cloud (WAMS) can be securely shared and displayed through SharePoint on different device types.


SharePoint Case Management Application Demo: Part Two

The SharePoint Case Management application gives users the ability to update information on an assigned case. All updates by the user are done within the SharePoint application for fast and easy use and access.


SharePoint Case Management Application Demo: Part Three

With the SharePoint Case Management application there are multiple ways of surfacing SharePoint data. The application maintains data and is able to display it in numerous forms based on the needs of the user.


Case Management Logical Architecture

This video clips provides a brief discussion of how a case management system may be implemented on top of SharePoint. SharePoint acts as the composite solutions platform using advanced security workflows, and includes many other features.