Whitepapers & Presentations


Building The Intranet Your Employees Expect

This short whitepaper walks you through the building blocks required to design an intranet that not only incorporates today's capabilities and features, but will also be an essential system that gets adopted, used and loved by your employees.


Insurance Underwriting + Big Data Analytics

AIS technical leaders discuss auto and property/casualty insurance underwriting, how big data analytics can influence an increase in sales and revenues for companies and introduce a high level Microsoft based solution implementation that can solve this business problem.


Why Migrate to SharePoint 2013?

We’ve taken a look at the enhancements in latest version of SharePoint, and have put together this quick whitepaper that highlights some of the new features that make SharePoint 2013 a must-have for your business.


20 Things That May Be Clouding Your Choice About the Cloud, But Shouldn't

Trying to figure and configure a vision for moving applications to the cloud? Getting good answers to common misconceptions can start the process for you and your team. The 20 Things White Paper addresses many of the common and not so common objections in moving software applications to the cloud. It highlights recent advances in cloud technology that addresses many areas of concern.