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Events:AIS is Sponsoring and Hosting the February Dayton Data Visualization Meetup!

AIS is proud to host and sponsor the February Dayton Data Visualization Meetup!  At the lunchtime meeting, learn about how artists integrate Data and Programming into their artwork!


11:30 am: Jimmy John’s, Sponsors, and Announcements

12:00 pm: Data Visualization in Art – Tess Cortés: This presentation aims to inspire those who don’t get to wander around the right side of the brain as often as they’d like! See examples of how today’s artists are using data and computer programming in their artwork, including some who have developed their own tools. Tess is a visual artist, freelancer, and educator inspired by the intersections of art and technology. She has lead STEAM-based workshops at the Dayton Regional STEM School and Wright State University and is helping develop a ‘learning through humanities’ course module for Sinclair Community College.

12:30 pm: Maps in Motion – Michael Bowman: Animation can bring depth and clarity to your maps and data visualizations. In this presentation, Michael will demonstrate several ways in which you can add animation to increase comprehension and engagement with your visualizations. Michael is a software developer for Mile Two and is a co-organizer for the Dayton Data Visualization and Code for Dayton meetups. – 1:00pm: End

Look forward to seeing all of the attendees!

Date: February 08, 2018

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: 2681 Commons Blvd