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From Assessment to Migration, AIS Helps You Adopt the Cloud

AIS’ Data Center Migration Assessment is a low cost assessment of readiness to migrate to cloud service such as Microsoft Azure. During this assessment, we will:

  • Determine your personalized goals and requirements for moving to the cloud
  • Assess your Data Center server infrastructure with a readiness health check, inventory generation, and current state and resource utilization analysis for a well-managed cloud migration
  • Provide understanding of fully loaded costs detailed in cloud economics of running workloads in Azure to support budgeting for the migration
  • Your assessment includes resource utilization analysis, workload categorization, expert recommendations, rightsizing opportunity, governance insights, security risks mitigation, predictive capacity planning and a strategic plan for a successful migration

Implementing Your Migration Plan

From our assessment, we can implement a Data Center Migration. We’ll help you execute on the plan produced in the assessment phase and either run the project from start to finish or provide support to your staff with the following: 

  • Complete the Information Architecture and design the site structure
  • Run the migration to meet targeted budgets and timelines
  • Meet security requirements
  • Implement customizations of your apps as needed

Request a Data Center Migration Assessment today to get started on your journey to the cloud.