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Service Offering:Cloud Economic Assessment (CEA)

Topics: Azure

Understand cloud costs before migrating your first workload.

With our free CEA* offering, you get a detailed analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cost comparisons between on-prem servers and cloud-hosted workloads in just 3-6 weeks, fully funded by Microsoft.

Organizations often take their first steps into the cloud without a cost analysis, leading to spikes in usage costs and a bad first impression of the cloud. Our CEA outlines costs for you before you invest in migrations using tooling that expedites the process. AIS will help you determine the best approach for migration, whether your goal is to move large workloads from data centers to Azure or create a modern workplace leveraging Office 365 or Power Platform.

Cloud Economic Assessment Outcomes

AIS will provide a complete analysis of the costs associated with a cloud migration presented to key stakeholders. This is yours to keep along with the assessment results from the tooling. AIS will help you decode the findings to create a migration roadmap, which aligns to our cloud adoption framework.

Interested in learning more? Contact AIS today and a cloud specialist will reach out to discuss the next steps!

*Each assessment goes through a Microsoft qualification process and will be approved or rejected based on Microsoft’s Economic Assessment Criteria.