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Take Your First Steps Into the Cloud

Take Your First Steps Into the Cloud

It’s Going to Happen, Sooner or Later

Massive adoption of cloud computing in small, medium and large-sized businesses is now a proven competitive advantage. Gartner reports that many organizations now have server virtualization rates that exceed 75 percent, illustrating a high level of penetration. Successful CIOs or IT leaders are being measured based on their ability to take advantage of public and private cloud services and build an IT team that can support them. At AIS, our goal is to work with your existing IT team during this transition…not replace them.

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The cloud will reduce costs

Businesses of all sizes and types can use cloud computing to achieve significant cost savings. Even modest on-premises IT setups require significant up-front costs — the purchase of servers, PCs, software,licenses, storage devices, etc. — all on top of the on-going investments in managing and maintaining the infrastructure.

By leveraging a cloud-based services provider, your organization can save these start-up and maintenance costs and say goodbye to over-stretched infrastructure budgets. You’ll gain the flexibility to add and remove IT services on demand, utilize online services that use a low-cost subscription model, and be able to rapidly provide new tools and programs to your workforce without a lengthy deployment process.

What could your organization do with those cost savings? Where could you reinvest them? The possibilities are endless, which is why we’re so passionate about helping our clients take their first formative steps into the cloud.

Your data is safe

One of the biggest misconceptions around moving to the cloud is that it doesn’t offer adequate security or privacy. In reality, the levels of computer security, data privacy practices and general expertise of major cloud service providers are likely to be better than those provided by an in-house IT staff and systems.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that your cloud provider has strong security and privacy policies in place, and that your disaster recovery plan is rock solid.

We know how to get you started

AIS has expertise in all three aspects of the cloud: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, as well as proven experience with integrating each of the distinct, yet synergistic, environments in stand-alone or hybrid on-premises/cloud configurations. We’ve helped dozens of small, medium and large organizations move their SharePoint, SQL Server, application development and testing, and media assets into the cloud. We’ve developed an easy, full-proof envisioning process that allows us to learn about your organization and map out your entire project before you commit to it.

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